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Turning Influence Into Action

The Tug McGraw Foundation (TMF) was a recently established advocacy organization dedicated to raising funds for quality of life research for those affected by brain tumors. TMF sought Ritz Communications’ counsel and support to help position itself in the brain tumor advocacy community and generate awareness of the organization among thoughtleaders.

To achieve these goals, we developed and convened the first-ever Brain Tumor Quality of Life Summit to create a call-to-action and reinforce the need for quality of life research as a significant clinical endpoint. Our team recruited 28 nationally recognized, multi-disciplinary researchers, clinicians and advocates, including Dr. Anna Barker of the National Cancer Institute. In addition, we secured corporate support from leading corporations in the pharmaceutical industry.

We developed and distributed an outcomes report that highlighted opportunities to improve quality of research and funding. The Brain Tumor Quality of Life Summit raised awareness of the issue among thoughtleaders and has resulted in a growing national conversation about the importance of quality of life in people affected by brain tumors.