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Facilitating a Dialogue to Enhance Treatment Understanding

Data Does the Talking

Ritz Communications’ managed the data and scientific communications for a client’s anti-infective product, which held the #2 position in the therapeutic category. The company faced a challenge as the date of a major international medical congress approached: there would be no new data presented on its product.

Our team developed a media event to engage healthcare journalists and communicate key product and treatment messages without creating the expectation of breaking news. We executed a “two-way” media forum where journalists attended a slide presentation followed by an opportunity to circulate among specially developed poster stations and interview key opinion leaders (KOLs). This event flow was particularly helpful in overcoming language barriers between KOLs and journalists, and helped in clarifying complex concepts.

The poster walk facilitated and enhanced relationships between KOLs, international media, advocacy organizations and the company and improved the quality and quantity of coverage about the disease and potential treatments.