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A picture is worth one thousand words

Posted: January 20, 2011 - 1:35 PM ET - by Elisabeth

A short time after I posted my last blog I shared the link and a new picture of myself as a status update with my Facebook friends. I thought it was a fun shot … me in my favorite winter hat just pulled off the closet shelf to venture out into the cold, snowy Chicago streets. My post on social media got a thumbs up, and the picture … well the picture got all kinds of fun comments and “likes.”

It was a great reminder of an age old communications adage: A picture is worth one thousand words. In an age of 140 character updates and text messaging, it seems more true than ever that what can be conveyed quickly and with impact will breakthrough the mass of information that we receive each day.

Consider the number of emails and phone calls you receive each day … and the number of texts, tweets and updates you read.  Which ones really capture your attention? Elicit a response? Motivate you to action?

How do you use that knowledge to tailor your own communications? A picture isn’t always appropriate, but you should consider the message you’re delivering and the channel through which you’re delivering it.

… because that’s an ocelot of noise to breakthrough!


Who needs 10 tips for using social media when you can do it with three?

Posted: January 6, 2011 - 1:38 PM ET - by Elisabeth

Still wondering how social media can have an impact for your business?

Whether you’re a small business owner struggling to manage communication channels or a public relations professional in … say … healthcare, trying to navigate the maze of media options in a highly regulated industry, you can benefit immediately from social media using a tried and true tactic.

What do you need to do?

Watch, look and listen.

Paying attention to online commentary about your industry, company, product or service is the fastest way to gather valuable information that will help you develop more effective messages and establish a dialogue for delivering those messages.  The wide variety of channels and resources – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other outlets – even allows you to home in on discussions among the key decision makers and influencers who affect your business and industry.  In addition to inviting commentary on your own tweets and status updates, there are some easy steps you can take:

  1. Monitor your customers and your competitors online, using Google Alerts and/or TweetAlarms.
  2. On Twitter, watch who follows or comments on industry-related Tweetchats, specific hashtags or key issues of interest and follow them.
  3. Follow or “like” third-party group Facebook pages and review their posts and comment accordingly.

While traditional search engines and news aggregators like Alltop are great resources, social media offers easily accessible and instantaneous information.  Even if you’re not ready to establish your online presence through public posts, the ability to gather information can enhance the communication you do have with key stakeholders.

    … and all you have to do is watch, look and listen.