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A picture is worth one thousand words

Posted: January 20, 2011 - 1:35 PM ET - by Elisabeth

A short time after I posted my last blog I shared the link and a new picture of myself as a status update with my Facebook friends. I thought it was a fun shot … me in my favorite winter hat just pulled off the closet shelf to venture out into the cold, snowy Chicago streets. My post on social media got a thumbs up, and the picture … well the picture got all kinds of fun comments and “likes.”

It was a great reminder of an age old communications adage: A picture is worth one thousand words. In an age of 140 character updates and text messaging, it seems more true than ever that what can be conveyed quickly and with impact will breakthrough the mass of information that we receive each day.

Consider the number of emails and phone calls you receive each day … and the number of texts, tweets and updates you read.  Which ones really capture your attention? Elicit a response? Motivate you to action?

How do you use that knowledge to tailor your own communications? A picture isn’t always appropriate, but you should consider the message you’re delivering and the channel through which you’re delivering it.

… because that’s an ocelot of noise to breakthrough!

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