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Can you make lightning strike?

Posted: October 20, 2011 - 9:26 PM ET - by Elisabeth

My last couple of blog posts have considered the impact of connection – both emotional and technological – as an essential part of communications.

There’s another critical element … in fact, the thing that drew me to communications: the words.

I have this quote on a bulletin board next to my desk. I believe this quote. I admire the awesome power – and the huge inventory – of words we have to express the slightest variations in emotion, efficacy, everything.

From my first journalism class in college to this blog post, I have always loved the challenge of choosing just the right word to convey my thoughts and feelings.

For marketers, it is often the adjectives and verbs, more than the nouns, that have impact; where “new” and “improved” once generated customer interest in a product or service, breaking through the clutter requires more passion and purpose.

How much thought are you giving to your words and their impact? In this day and age of instant messaging and texting shorthand, can you make lightning strike?

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