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Generating Uncommon Coverage for a Common Virus that can Kill

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is one of the most common viruses in the world. However, for patients with underlying disease such as cancer or HIV, this virus can be deadly. In 2018, the first new medicine for CMV infection in 15 years was approved in the United States. Treatment of CMV in stem cell patients is a specialized area typically conducted at major cancer centers and supported by a network of infectious disease physicians who regularly communicate, teach and learn via Twitter.

While recognizing our client’s need to work within FDA guidelines, Ritz Communications delivered unprecedented results in this specialized area:

  • The FDA approval generated 900+ articles, 167,000 press release views, and 504 social media conversations
  • The European Medicines Agency CHMP Positive Opinion generated 185+ articles, 73,000+ press release views and 12,480 Twitter impressions
  • Adoption in the U.S. (the first market launched) was rapid and strong, with sales far exceeding projections
  • Post-launch CMV online influencers suggested the drug represented a paradigm-shift from treatment to prevention

The staff at Infectious Disease News has enjoyed working with Ritz Communications because they understand the science we’re reporting on, find experts who can provide relevant insights for our stories, and do an excellent job of coordinating interviews and providing background information we need on deadline. They make informed pitches that consistently develop into successful news stories.”

-John Schoen, Editorial Director,