Our clients’ challenges range from engaging stakeholders to managing issues and the wide variety of activities, events and conversations in between. We invite you to review these case studies highlighting our work and results.

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Standing Up to Superbugs: A Story that Needed to be Told

Antibiotic resistant “superbugs” threaten to return healthcare to a pre-antibiotic era. Global public health leaders have sounded the alarm that more investment is needed to stay ahead of these rapidly evolving organisms. Paradoxically, most big pharma companies (and many small ones) have abandoned antibiotic development due to the length and expense of developing new options and their uncertain commercial prospects. Our client bucked the trend, building on its sustained commitment to antimicrobial discovery that resulted in new antibiotics for FDA and EU approval.

Ritz Communications mapped out a long-term strategic program to drive high-level awareness ensuring that key audiences were in tune with the company’s investment in the antimicrobial arena. Ritz maximized key clinical and regulatory milestones for a portfolio of antimicrobial drugs ranging from small molecules to biologics over 15 years. Our strategies included establishing the unmet need for novel treatments, cultivating relationships with internal and external scientific experts, creating media and digital content for use across multiple channels, and building an infectious disease franchise success story layer by layer. The result: more than 10 successful product approvals, with the designated indications receiving the attention they deserved.

Strong media relations showcased our client’s leadership and innovation. In 2019 alone, our results stood out among companies in the category via:

  • Headline news in more than 60 media outlets ranging from Fortune and Reuters to NEJM Journal Watch, Biocentury and Scrip, hitting a diverse audience of more than 97 million people including prescribers, payers, caregivers and consumers
  • High social media engagement driven by media placements and the dissemination of the FDA news release, generating extensive discussion across audiences
  • Media coverage of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance, as discussed at major US and International conferences, including ECCMID, IDWeek, ASM Microbe, ASCO and BIO
  • Elevated awareness of the need for new antibiotics, with coverage in major news outlets including the Washington Post, Politico and NPR

Ritz Communications’ high level of experience and ability means they can handle sensitive, strategic projects with minimal oversight. In addition, their company paradigm is unprecedented and ensures a high degree of attention. You talk to the person you need.”

–Former Director, Global Communications of a major pharmaceutical company