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Reaching the C-“Suite” Spot: a B-to-B Media Campaign

Emmi Solutions creates multimedia patient education/engagement programs that use interactive audio and visual techniques to provide patients with essential health information. The company partnered with Ritz Communications to generate greater awareness among a coveted audience of decision-making hospital executives who have the power to authorize product purchases.

An audit of C-suite executives revealed that these executives looked to their peers for best practices and relied on trusted information in select trade media. In an award-winning media campaign, Ritz identified Emmi client champions and determined how the company’s solutions helped each of their hospitals address hot-button issues being covered by trade media. These issues included quality care and patient safety, patient and physician satisfaction, operational efficiency and risk mitigation.

In just 12 months, Ritz:

  • Delivered a series of thought pieces to influential trade journals, showcasing how Emmi added identifiable value to hospitals
  • Armed the sales force with the media placements as credible collateral materials to underscore the value of the brand
  • Capitalized on the trade articles, combined with solid patient stories and relevant demos, to secure feature stories by the Associated Press (AP), NPR and USA Today
  • Leveraged the AP story to generate coverage by more than 50,000 online sources, which cited the newswire placement as it circulated through traditional media and social media channels for unprecedented reach
  • Doubled the company’s website traffic as the company received requests from prospective clients for more information

It has been a real boon to the sales team. When you have an article written by a client that your audience is reading, it goes so much further than an ad would.”

–Emmi marketing director as quoted in PR News