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Revitalizing the Reputation of Community Resource

The Illinois Medical District (IMD), with the appointment of a new Executive Director and Commission, sought to revive the profile and impact of the 70-year-old District. Ritz Communications focused on programs to engage and build awareness of the healthcare, education, research and technology businesses within the District.

Initiatives included:

  • Enhancing communications with District partners – Leveraging the success of IMD Day, Ritz planned the program for the annual event which evolved from a casual networking fair to a dynamic educational forum. A series of panel discussions with thought leaders from the District and the city highlighted IMD’s priorities, from community health and research to infrastructure and real estate development.
  • Amplifying IMD’s voice in the community – The creation and monthly distribution of IMD & U provided consistent updates on activities in the District for important stakeholders in business and government.
  • Encouraging collaboration among District businesses – Ritz conceived and established the IMD Communications Alliance which included communications representatives from more than 20 District organizations who partnered in response to media and government affairs opportunities and community outreach.
  • Establishing the new leadership’s presence – Ritz identified opportunities and prepared speeches and media responses to highlight IMD accomplishments for the Executive Director and Commission Chair, including presentations to City Club of Chicago, iBio and features in Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Sun Times.

Ritz Communications understood our needs and our challenges as well as the lack of brand recognition the IMD had and struggled to assume. They worked feverishly to develop earned media opportunities for us and helped us leverage opportunities by thinking outside the box in cost effective ways.”

–Heather Tarczan, former Director of Communications & Administration, Illinois Medical District